Auto Chess makes the leap to mobile with Arena Allstars, an action-packed strategy game where you can compete with up to 8 players from around the world!

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Join the Fight!


Battle in the Arena!

Arena Allstars adapts your favorite auto chess features and transforms them into quick and action-packed sessions that are perfect for the mobile experience.

Gameplay Features

  • • Solo Free-for-All Mode: Compete with up to 7 players in a real-time multiplayer auto battler game

    • Team Co-Op Mode: Ally yourself with a partner and lay waste to your competition in less than 10 minutes

    • Practice Mode: Perfect your new strategies and team compositions and train with bots in Practice Mode

    • Endless Mode (COMING SOON): Go on an epic campaign completing missions defeating bosses and earning loot along the way.

    • Use your pets to emote with other players, and grow your collection

    • Draft from a shared pool of unique and powerful champions differentiated by abilities, race, and class

    • Compete in Monthly Tournaments to see who earns the top spot in the global leaderboards


Build your Allstar Team

Select from a unique cast of champions differentiated by abilities, race, and class. There are billions of different combinations providing infinite replay value and a new game each time you play.


Play with

Friends or Foes

Create a Custom Match and invite friends to play with you in an exciting auto chess battle! Want a challenge? Get matched up with players of similar rank and compete with 7 players in the Solo Free-for-All Mode!


Draft your Champions and Strategize your Victory

Draft your team from a shared pool of champions! What you pick, you take away from others. Match three units to upgrade your champion, establish your frontline, bench champions until you can trigger synergy bonuses, and discover the best tactics to pave your way to victory.