A New Adventure Awaits

Go on an epic adventure. Draft your team, defeat bosses, discover relics & more.


Roguelike meets Auto Battler in Ascension: Arena Allstars! Embark on a journey through the Forest of Darkness and fight your way through hordes of enemies while using your wits, tactics and luck to conquer the final boss. Draft your team, encounter brutal enemies, discover relics of infinite power and ascend to the summit!

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Gameplay Features

  • Play up to 18 Ascension Maps - every level is procedurally-generated, so each session will offer a unique experience every time you play while increasing in difficulty level

  • Draft from a shared pool of over 35 unique and powerful champions differentiated by abilities, race, and class

  • Perfect your strategy by selecting an array of buffs at the start of each game, managing your money supply, increasing your team size and matching three of the same champions to upgrade them

  • Earn treasure chests and shards to level up your characters and improve their overall performance

  • Engage in battles to collect Skill Stones and use them on the Talent Tree to upgrade your abilities